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Sheriffs Train at Old Dixon High

08/16/2013 10:32AM, Published by Brian O, Categories: Local Life, News

Photo and story by Ted Hickman

About 1475 people living within a half of a mile of the old Dixon High School got a call just before 8 am last Friday telling them to stay away from the school site because the Solano County Sheriff's Department would be conducting a training exercise. Neighbors were curious about the gunshots, shouting and chaos which seem to be going on inside the old site's quad.

According to Sergeant Jon Mazer, of the Office of Emergency Service, eight Solano County Sheriff's deputies and eights other officers from other jurisdictions took part in a first responder training session paid for by grants and taught by a private company. According to Mazer renewed importance is being placed on the first officers who arrive at a facility where a firearm has been reported. They no longer may have to make the long wait for a specialized SWAT team to arrive before they neutralize the situation thereby possibly saving countless lives in the process.

The photo above shows the training session in action as the bad guys come out of the old cafeteria with hand guns (shooting blanks) and the good guys launch out of the old band room carrying air soft rifles.

Mazer said they really appreciated the Dixon Unified School District making the facility available for training under actual school conditions. There will be another session in about two weeks he said so neighbors need to be ready for another wake up call and more gun shots and hollering.

Bad guys and good guys meet after “gun in a school” scenario played out last Friday at the old Dixon High School across from City Hall.

The "bad guys" had and shot real guns with blanks while the law enforcement subdued them with air soft rifles. The scary practice to confront a gun wielding person in a school or class room situation has become a reality. Police are training all over the country to learn how to handle the situation without wasting precious minutes waiting for the specialized SWAT teams to arrive. The goal of the training is to try to neutralize the threat by first responders thereby possibly saving lives.

solano county seriff

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