Taking Aim - A Woman's Shooting Club now meets twice each month.  To allow us to include ladies who work during the day, we added an evening Club Shooting day.  We now meet on the 1st Thursday's from 6 - 7 PM and on the 3rd Friday's from 10 AM - Noon.

For more information, interested women may call Marcia at: 707-330-3556


The scheduled classes for September are:

Woman's Shooting Fundamentals - Thursday, September 19th   5:30 - 8 PM

This 2 1/2-hour course is taught by a local Firearms Instructor and will cover the basics of safe gun handling, gun parts and nomenclature and the shooting fundamentals.

The course emphasizes the safe and proper handling and use of handguns.  Participants will learn about the 3 fundamental firearm safety rules, and the shooting fundamentals: shooting stance, grip, sight alignment, breath control, trigger control and follow through. Students will have an opportunity to shoot on the range.  This is a great class for beginners who want to learn the basics of shooting a handgun.  COST $35.00

Gun Cleaning Class - Friday, September 20th    12 PM - 1 PM

A practical application of cleaning a firearm beginning with a description of the tools used to clean guns, the cleaning sequence and finishing with participants cleaning a firearm.  Handout is included.  COST $15.00

HSC Certificate Course - Saturday, September 21st   1 PM - 4 PM

To purchase a handgun in California requires a Handgun Safety Certificate.  This course provides everything needed to take and pass the required state test.  Information covered includes: the intent and requirement of the HSC program, what it takes to be a responsible gun owner, handgun safety rules and how to properly store and childproof a firearm.

Firearm types and differences are discussed, ammunition identification and physics and California gun laws are also covered in this course.  Students will take the required HSC test and upon successful completion, will receive their HSC card.  $35.00