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Mayor Candidate Accuses Mayor of Impropriety

Sep 11, 2020 12:00AM ● By MPG Staff

Vice Mayor Steve Bird during a City Council meeting. MPG file photo.

DIXON, CA (MPG) - Last City Council Meeting, during the open comment period began with Rick Fuller, former Dixon Police Chief who is also a former City Councilman, accusing Mayor Thom Bogue of interfering with police activity at an evening party on Sunday night, August 16, on South Lincoln Avenue.

Apparently, the property is an AirBnB and was rented out under the guise of a baby shower with about a dozen people to stay for two days but when the owner came by to check on the property, he discovered approximately 400 to 600 people there and called the police.

While Fuller did not have all the facts, he said he had enough information to request the council to investigate.

“The party was never broken up and my understanding is that the mayor was involved in that particular event and came to some understanding on the premises,” he said. “I find it disconcerting that the mayor is intervening in police activity, one which could result in serious problems. We’ve seen those Airbnbs go sideways quickly with people being shot and even killed. My understanding is that we have a new ordinance that requires that people wear masks and self-distance and so on and my understanding is that they were also in violation of that ordinance.”

Fuller continued, “It seems the mayor intervened with the owner of the property to negotiate some kind of settlement which allowed that venue to continue. Police officers left the scene, and nothing occurred.  I have a problem with that kind of action and I’m wondering where he gets the authority to intervene in a police activity. That’s interfering with an officer’s performance of duty.” He then requested an investigation which was echoed by Councilman Steve Bird after a lengthy reprimand toward the Mayor.

“I’m lucky they did not destroy my home,” said Kuldeep Grewal, owner of the AirBnB, who said he called the police when he arrived and found the large number of people but the police took 30 minutes to arrive, he said, so he called the Mayor.

“Normally, we do not have a problem, but we did once, and because of that, I keep an eye on things now,” said Grewal. “Most mayors don’t want to get involved but Thom has been my friend for 25 years. Our Mayor really cares so I called him.”

At the Council meeting, Mayor Bogue stated what transpired and that after he met Grewal on the premises, he also called the police and informed them of what was going on.

“We had approximately eight law enforcement officers. They said they would go in if necessary, but they really did not think it was a good idea and considered what it would take to corral that many people to leave nonviolently,” Bogue said. “I asked the officers if they would prefer if I talked to the person who rented the place. They were not being loud, they were not being aggressive in any manner. It was actually very calm, which was beyond my expectations, but still there was concern with that many people and they said yes, it would be a good idea.”

“If we go by the legal contract, only those eight people could stay and all else had to leave,” said Grewal. “We spoke to the lady and she told us she didn’t know who the rest of the people were. I care about my property and it cost a lot of money and I didn’t want any problems or a fight.”

At the council meeting during the discussion of the item, Bird repeatedly asked two questions of Bogue: “One, were you involved with financial bartering and two, was there a citation issued by the police? I’m concerned with what I’m hearing and what I head the speaker say,” he said. Bogue answered no to the first question and “I don’t know” to the second one. City Attorney Doug White said the item needed to be put on an agenda for a closed session.

“I’m fully cooperative of whatever you want to do,” said Bogue.

“I just hope this doesn’t cost us $50,000 in legal fees,” said Councilman Devon Minnema. “We have been through that before. I hope the facts get brought out in closed session.”

Although Chief Robert Thompson did not return request for comments by press time, it has been learned that the Dixon Police Department forwarded the matter to the Solano County District Attorney’s Office for a courtesy review.