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Dixon Family Services Adds a Social Media Marketing Team!

Jan 20, 2021 12:00AM ● By Cookie Powell, Dixon Family Services

Mae Shulman and Kaeli Tully of Tully Consulting Group, an engineering firm here in Dixon, began helping Dixon Family Services with social media and publicity efforts. Brooke Solbrack (not pictured) is also volunteering. Their help has increased the number of donations to the organization. Courtesy Photo

Dixon Family Services Adds a Social Media Marketing Team! [2 Images] Click Any Image To Expand

We feel blessed to have the support of our “Social Media Team”

DIXON, CA (MPG) - It was about a year ago when Tully Consulting employees, Kaeli Tully and Mae Shulman, contacted me and asked if they could help in an important area of the Comedy Night 2020 Planning Committee. They offered to cover all things marketing. They volunteered to create flyers, signs, event programs and to give Comedy Night increased exposure on social media.  It was an offer we could not refuse!

Dixon Family Services (DFS) did start a Facebook page several years ago to advertise our thrift store but due to our lack of savvy in using it, DFS Facebook was barely known about.

The girls from Tully and I scheduled a meeting to discuss a timeline for a Comedy Night “Event” they would create on Facebook. I had never been to the Tully Consulting Group office on North Lincoln Street and what a treat it was to meet all the nice people working there, but even more exciting was meeting all the pups!! The environment was completely pet friendly and as I came inside I was greeted by several 4-legged, tail-wagging, “greeting committee” members of Tully Consulting.

Almost all employees had a furry friend on or under their desks and it was standard procedure for some of them to meet visitors at the door. I was so delighted to meet and get kisses from them all!!  What a fun place to work!  I’ll never forget that day!

Back to the story about marketing Comedy Night: We made the timeline with dates for creation of all the different marketing materials and after that day we continued our collaboration via emails. The girls were given administrator access to our Facebook page and they would continue the scheduling of posts about Comedy Night scheduled in April. Once our comedian was booked, they designed and produced very professional posters and flyers. Large signs would be the next phase and they were planned for hanging in March.

But Covid-19 restrictions were causing meetings and events to be cancelled right and left.  Unfortunately, by March it was apparent that there was no choice but to cancel Comedy Night. 

But the support from our new Tully Group Volunteers didn’t stop there. Because of Covid-19, DFS was receiving numerous notices about important information on a daily basis. I asked Mae and Kaeli if I emailed flyers and other forms of information that people needed to know about, if they could post to the DFS Facebook page. They were more than happy to assist and encouraged me to keep the info coming.

Then there were several fund raising opportunities to share with the public, including the Travis Credit Union Foundation’s Covid-19 Matching Donations Initiative, Solano Community Foundation’s Give Local Solano Campaign for Giving Tuesday and the letters from Dixon Family Services requesting donations.

The team was very instrumental in getting the word out. Donations increased and the Team began posting “Shout-outs” to say thank you on our Facebook page. Photos, short stories, newsletters and public service announcements about DFS were also posted. 

In September another Tully Consulting Group member was added to the Team. Brooke Solbrack was brought on as a page editor and to fill posting time gaps as Mae and Kaeli’s work at Tully was getting busier.  Right away Brooke took the steps to open up a DFS Instagram account and now everything is posted both on Facebook and on Instagram! 

We feel blessed to have the support of our “Social Media Team” and it is very apparent that they truly care about the community and about getting the word out about our vital services. THANK YOU SO MUCH TULLY CONSULTING GROUP!!

Those who use social media can look up Dixon Family Services on Facebook and/or Instagram for up-to-date information, photos, stories and shout-outs. Like us, join as followers, share with your friends and pass the word on about Dixon Family Services so that more and more people will understand our purpose and goals and how to access our helping programs.

An important bit of information is that we are not set up for answering questions, responding to comments or scheduling appointments on Facebook or Instagram. We are not that advanced in the use of social media platforms. Our social media is strictly another avenue for us to get information out into the public.

You still must use the phone or email to correspond with us. To follow Covid-19 guidelines, we are not currently seeing anyone who has not called and scheduled an appointment. Please help us keep everyone in the community safe and healthy.

If you do not participate in social media, you can still learn about DFS through our web-site , local newspaper articles and on radio KUIC 93.5. Email your email address to us at [email protected] and you will receive important periodic email messages from Dixon Family Services.  Our thanks to EVERYONE!