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City Council Makes Decisions

Jan 28, 2021 12:00AM ● By By Debra Dingman

Another popular Dixon business is facing financial woes. Linde Lane Tea Room has been closed since the first COVID-19 shutdown and the businesses above it which include Dr. Kristina Wiley's dental practice and Le Petite Salon have also been impacted significantly. Photo by Debra Dingman

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DIXON, CA (MPG) - In a special meeting on January 19 of the Dixon Successor Agency formerly known as the Dixon Redevelopment Agency but also ran by our City Council, a resolution was proposed authorizing assignment of responsibility for the loan agreement with Dixon Fire Station, LLC from the Dixon Successor Agency for the city of Dixon to the city of Dixon. Larry Burkhardt, Economic Development/Grants Manager explained.

The first loan by Heritage Bank is not an issue however, the second loan to Dr. Kristina Wiley for $750,000 renovation of the old firehouse with a deferred payment and was to begin last February. However, the Linde Lane Tea Room was closed as well as the dentistry and salon businesses on the second floor due to the pandemic. Dr. Wiley has asked basically for a relook and possibly a re-finance as the company is unable to make the payments on the second and is in default.

The City Council looked at several angels and possibilities and voted 5-0 to approve because it buys them time to get an appraisal on the building and "create opportunities for potential refinance to occur," said Dist. 3 Councilman Kevin Johnson.

Once the regular meeting started, City Attorney Doug White clarified that agenda items can only be brought forth by the City Manager, City Attorney, Council members or Commissioners. If a citizen wants an issue addressed, he needs to contact his District Representative to have it put on the agenda.

In the consent Calendar that gets approved all at once due to items being considered typical city business, Councilman Scott Pederson pulled four items all pertaining to water to be discussed individually with what appeared to be an attempt to validate the need to move forward with the existing water equipment restoration plans. Although each item passed 5-0, later in the meeting and addressing Item 12.3, there was much said relating to a "Peer Review" of the existing plans that ultimately turned into a debate on how to redeem the public's trust.

A peer review is done by a company to look over the plans created by another to ensure everything has been done accurately and to the best possible. The company that reviews is qualified to do the actual work so knows what is needed and can double-check.

The Council had the choice of going with the same company for this "peer review" on the water system solvency issue (or not) and three councilmen pushed for an all-new Request for Proposals while Councilman Pederson and Mayor Steve Bird aired their suspicion the city would wind up in the same place and would have wasted money.

Harris & Associates, a reputable government and utility consultant firm, has already done a peer review of West Yost and Raftelis who provided the Water System Master Plan and Strategic Asset Management Plan and updated the corresponding Water Rate Study.

"We need to show the public we're not doing the same thing," said Dist. 2 Councilman Jim Ernest who wanted to replace Harris & Associates. Councilman Johnson agreed.

"It needs to feel different, look different, and the public needs to feel we did this together. It was a real rupture and if we do it right, it can be very healing for this community," he said.

"We don't have time; the water will be cut off," threatened Pederson but Hendershot also believed it was better to "proceed cautiously and talk more."

"The public didn't believe [the Council,"] he said.

"There is massive distrust," Johnson added. "If it all comes back the same, the more confirmation we will have for our efforts." The mayor then said it all boiled down to cost. The cost is about $42,000 and the vote was 3-2 in favor of spending the extra money for the sake of gaining the public trust.

The sale of vehicles and equipment was approved under Item 9.11. A list is available on the City of Dixon website and accessible through hitting the council agenda tab for that item. The list included a 2007 Ford Readi-Ride bus with 156,899 miles; a 2003 Dodge B3500 with 38,464 miles that was used in building maintenance; a 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 with 46,293 miles; and a 1996 Ford Ranger with 55,808 miles.

To review the meeting, it is available on the City of Dixon website or call for more information at (707) 678-7000.


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