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Sales Tax Increase on Ballot

Jun 23, 2022 12:00AM ● By By Debra Dingman

DIXON, CA (MPG) – “When is the park in the Southwest Development going to be open for people to enjoy” was a question brought forth from a Dixon resident at the June 7 City Council meeting. The grass needed to be re-sodded and will be open soon according to the Council.

For Item 12.1, there was a Budget Report which showed that the city coffers will be operating at a negative rate within five years. Dixon Readi-Ride will be getting two new buses at $188,000 total.

A 1-cent sales tax increase was approved to be on the November ballot by City Council 4-0 (Dist. 3 Rep Kevin Johnson was on vacation) after City of Dixon Public Information Officer Madeline Henry gave a presentation in favor of it based on 300 responses of the 20,000 residents in Dixon.

They used phone and online surveys presented in both English and Spanish, she said and allowed a 5.8% margin of error.

The results showed 69 percent would support “Dixon Essential Services,” she concluded. The goal is to provide $3.1 million to use for city services including police and fire such as crime and drug prevention, fire prevention, neighborhood police patrols, and emergency response along with street and pothole repair.

“When inflation is upping 15%, this is not a good time,” said Community Activist Michael Ceremello. “Of course, you’re going to say police and fire but if you’re going out in the county...why isn’t the county covering those expenses?” He also chastised the council about the Parkway Overpass still not getting built.

“You just used $4-million out of $4.9 million to ‘enhance’ police and fire departments instead of Parkway Overpass. This is nothing but a slush fund,” he said.

A review of that meeting is available on the City of Dixon website. City Attorney Doug White presented a “Transaction and Use Tax” proposal on Item 12.5.

Item 12.6 was brought by Dist. Council Rep 2 Jim Ernest seeking some kind of noise ordinance.

“Neighbors do not want to take action,” explained Ernest. “But this way, police will be able to deal with these problems when they arise.” Long-time Dixon residents Don and Susan Harness spoke at the podium about neighbors playing loud music for as many hours on end frequently. The decibel level was 50 from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. on a recent evening, and the couple expressed they should have the right to live peacefully in their neighborhood.

“The only way things will change is to have a stiff penalty. We need to give the officers a tool they can administer easily,” Dist. 1 Rep Scott Pederson said. The Council gave direction to City Attorney Doug White to work with police and bring something back at the next council meeting. Ceremello then reminded the Council that there is already a noise restriction on the books. Former Councilman and Chamber President Herb Cross suggested that landlords and/or property managers need to know about these situations as leases could be violated.

Splitting the legal advertising between the Dixon Tribune and the Dixon Independent Voice was approved with the provision that the contracts had to be signed within 30 days and that if there was a time-sensitive issue, the City had the option to put in whatever newspaper could publish closest to the needed date.

The public is reminded to participate in the Zoning Code Update by visiting to view detailed project information, submit comments, and stay up to date on upcoming informational and outreach events.