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City Planners Approve Car Washes

Dec 16, 2022 12:00AM ● By Story and photos by Debra Dingman

Plans for two Quick Quack Car Washes have been approved for Dixon that will look like this one on Leisure Town Road in Vacaville.

City Planners Approve Car Washes [2 Images] Click Any Image To Expand

DIXON, CA (MPG) - At the last City Planning Commission meeting, Two Quick Quack Car Washes-- sought Design Reviews for its 3,358 sq. ft. carwash along with a smaller building and two large canopy areas for car drying plus a trash enclosure.

They were approved to go out on the Highway Commercial-zoned parcel next to Denny's on the corner of Stratford and North Lincoln and at 220 Dorset Court which is the small street leading into Cattlemen's Restaurant.

The first location met with an organized resistance from the neighbors of Allison Courts and one on Renee, where they said their courts will be directly across from the car wash.

Claire Pincock, an Allison Court neighbor, said the noise had been accepted by the City based on what was acceptable for a single family, not a business. A long discussion followed over the level of noise and ultimately, the developer did say they could use special equipment that could lower the sound of the dryers.

"The decibel level for multi-family is 65 but a single is only 60," said Commissioner Randy Davis. "We can't get this wrong because it's seven days a week." The developer ultimately responded that the equipment to reduce the sound was more expensive and doesn't work as well but said they "want to work in the neighborhood and be part of this community."

Another concern of the residents was declining property values. The car wash is to be open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and with time, could typically see 325 to 350 cars per day.

"We moved here because my wife fell in love with the town," said Alejandro Ascencia. "Now, we're going to have cars all day long."

The company tries hard to build each one better, said the developer who added that this one will be substantially quieter than the one on Leisure Town Road in Vacaville.

"I bought my home in 2009, re-starting my life because it was a quiet, cute little home," said resident Cathy Fisher. "It's great they want to be here in Dixon but not by our home." This is the last lot to be developed since the homes in those courts were built and all that time, there have been a lot of dried weeds.

"We bought our home in 1991 and then came Safeway which fit into our neighborhood quietly. Next came Lincoln Creek and asked for the driveway to be moved down which was done. I really feel Quick Quack does not fit in our neighborhood," said resident David Alvarez. "After 31 years, there was one last parcel across from our property. I was hoping for a more professional [type] business."

"We are one of the largest car wash companies in the country and have verified that the noise level should not be excessive. We recycle our water and use significantly less than someone washing their car in the driveway with a hose," the developer said.

"All the various codes and regulations have been checked through the building permit process and we recommend approval," said City of Dixon Community Development Director Raffi Boloyan. The item passed but residents planned an appeal and did meet with City Manager Jim Lindley and made their case at the December 6 City Council meeting but were told by Lindley and Mayor Steve Bird that the appeal deadline had passed. No change was made.

In other discussions, the Bank of Stockton planned for the corner on Vaughn Road and North First Street next to Tractor Supply, sought Conditions of Revision and sought direction on the front corner design to include a decorative sign or statue. Some suggestions were statues of lambs, horses, or cows and a welcome to the City of Dixon sign.

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