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City Lauds Malone, Approves Liens

Jul 28, 2023 12:00AM ● By Story and photo by Debra Dingman

Dixon High School Police Resource Officer Jason Malone is flanked from the left by Adriane Laughter, Jason's sisters Brianna Malone and Nicole Tonelli, Lt. Jenna Cameron, and Superintendent Brian Dolan.

DIXON, CA (MPG) - The last City Council meeting was a packed agenda with the 4th of July annual report, information on the lights and landscape expenses, and the approval of new limited parking signs at the Pardi Plaza.

In between those topics were reviews of citizens who have not paid their sewer and/or their garbage bills and the collection process to collect or place liens.

The meeting kicked off with an official commendation of Police Officer Jason Malone by Chief Robert Thompson. Malone has served the past four years as the School Resource Officer at Dixon High School. He has just completed the “inaugural first 4-year assignment,” as Thompson put it, for a pilot program initiated by the Dixon Unified School District and the City for an officer on campus. “He has excelled in that role,” Thompson added recalling the first summer when Malone returned to regular duty, the phone would ring incessantly because of the relationships he had established with the students.

“The best part of my job is to recognize exceptional performance of duty,” he said. “Officer Malone has made a positive impact on our community.” DUSD Superintendent Brian Dolan also offered accolades for Malone and the relationships made and that he was “so proud of his work.”

Malone thanked the Council for approving the assignment, stating it was a “fun assignment.” There were several positive comments from the Council, the audience, and his family.

Chief Thompson then gave the Operational Review of the 4th of July and cited an increase of about 1/3 more calls – a total of 65 – compared with last year. The Chief showed videos from the Police Department drone used that enabled them to see which houses were setting off the illegal fireworks and ultimately be able to identify the people to cite. The fines were up to $1,000. There were seven additional officers plus two Community Officers on duty plus the pilot and the drone that day.

He reported there was one major injury where a legal firework detonated while still in a person’s hand.

“It was an honest mistake; no inebriation,” he said.

Another topic on delinquent sewer accounts reported there were 66 private residences and businesses in debt totaling $46,000. There have been attempts to collect and the Council voted 5-0 to approve placing delinquencies on the property taxes of the identified properties.

In matters relating to similar problems only these through Recology, the refuse collection contractor for the City of Dixon, unpaid amounts will also be placed against the properties. This involves only residential as the service continues, however, businesses simply just get “cut off” for non-payment.

Scott Pardini of Recology said there are nine opportunities for late bills to be paid.

At the end of March, there were 419 customers totaling $98,000 in the rears. After more attempts to collect, and as of that day, there were 160 customers totaling $54,388 owed.

Nearing the end of the meeting, the Council heard the Engineer’s Report from Public Works Director, Louren Kotow, on the Lights and Landscape Maintenance Districts which will require $225,127 general fund contribution because most of the city’s residents are either not in a district where there is an assessment or the assessments that are in place did not allow any increase. Valley Glen is the only neighborhood that is tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and therefore allows annual increases in fees to cover expenses.

No plans were made to change anything about this problem at this time due to more pressing priorities such as the water issue and Parkway Boulevard Overpass, explained City Manager Jim Lindley.

Item 11.1 was approved for no parking between the hours of 2 and 6 a.m. signs to be posted at the Pardi Plaza.

Lastly, and also approved 5-0, was the new 12.3 ordinance that requires a city business license for sidewalk vendors and establishes a plan to create a “sidewalk vending program” that will be compliant with state law and will deal with only public property.

The areas of concern are traffic, safety, and health. The Council talked about both sides of the issue. Dist. 2 Council Rep Jim Ernest did ask to add to the ordinance that the one-year license would not be issued to anyone with a record of committing crimes against children.

For a complete review of this City Council Meeting, one can go to the website and watch the recording.

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