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No Charges for Mayor Bird

Nov 29, 2023 04:08PM ● By MPG Staff

DIXON, CA (MPG) - “We’ve made the decision that we’re not filing any charges. I reviewed the case and I’ve had contact with the victim,” said Chief Deputy Paul Sequeira of the Solano County District Attorney’s office. “He said he doesn’t wish to prosecute because it has been taken care of.”

Mayor Steven C. Bird was cited for an alleged hit and run on Wednesday, September 27, at the Dixon Chamber of Commerce the evening of a Mixer when he backed his vehicle into another vehicle causing damage and left without leaving a note which is against the law.

The case was referred to the Solano CHP instead of the Dixon Police Department because Bird is considered an employee of the City and to avoid any improprieties. Then, upon completion of the Solano CHP investigation, the case was referred to the District Attorney’s office, but DA Krishna Abrams recused herself.

“These things are often handled through a civil compromise,” said Sequiera. “We didn’t initiate this, but he said it was already taken care of. Mr. Bird’s insurance got involved and his car was at the body shop, so he wasn’t interested in pursuing [a charge.]”

Sequeira explained that especially in a parking lot case, this is standard.

“We didn’t get the folks together, but they got together on their own. No civil charges were filed,” he said. “There were still some questions that there was actual knowledge [of the damage.] He got out and looked at it and, in the bumper, there was a golf ball indentation in the bottom of the bumper like he hit it with a trailer hitch. There was a cracked indentation.”

“Whether the victim wanted to [press charges] or not, we would have said [to Bird,] you need to make it right and he made it right before it got to our office. He said he wished it wouldn’t have come to this but he didn’t have a note so he didn’t leave a note,” said Sequeira referring to Mayor Bird.

“It’s not our classic case where we’re suspicious that he hit a parked car and runs to avoid a DUI. He wasn’t fleeing. He went back into the function,” he explained.

In regards to Abrams recusing herself, Sequeira said that it is common for officials and county leaders to meet at events and District Attorney Krishna Abrams didn’t feel like she had a conflict but to prevent an appearance of any improprieties, she recused herself.

“She also indicated she is no longer a neighbor of his,” Sequeira said.

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