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Solano Community Corrections Partnership Seeks Committee Member

Dec 20, 2023 03:31PM ● By Solano County News Release

FAIRFIELD, CA (MPG) - The Solano Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) is pleased to announce the search for a dedicated and passionate individual to serve as a representative on the CCP as a committee member representing victims.

As part of our commitment to fostering a comprehensive and inclusive approach, we are seeking a representative to advocate for the rights and needs of victims within the criminal justice system. The selected individual will play a crucial role in ensuring that the voices of victims are heard and considered in the development and implementation of policies and programs.  

Key Responsibilities of the Committee Member Representing Victims: Collaborate with CCP members to develop and implement victim-centered policies and programs; Provide insights/perspectives on the impact of criminal justice policies on victims/their families; Act as a liaison between the CCP and local victim advocacy organizations. 

Individuals interested in this rewarding opportunity are invited to submit their interest, outlining their relevant experience and motivation for serving on the Solano CCP to [email protected] by or before January 12, 2024. 

The Solano CCP is a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing public safety and improving outcomes for individuals involved in the criminal justice system. By bringing together key stakeholders from various sectors, including law enforcement, community organizations, and local government, the CCP works towards implementing effective strategies for offender rehabilitation and community reintegration. The CCP looks forward to welcoming a dedicated and enthusiastic individual to join us in our efforts to build a safer and more compassionate community through the Solano Community Corrections Partnership.  

For more information visit the Solano County Probation Department’s website at and on social media @SolanoProbation.

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