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Fireworks Sales Spark Nonprofit’s Service

Jun 26, 2024 10:16AM ● By Debra Dingman, photo by Debra Dingman

Salesmen at their best: The Veteran Riders, a nonprofit organization that raises funds for veterans, volunteer several days of their time to sell fireworks in the Safeway Store parking lot. They are (from L-R) Indigo Mike Montoya, Brian Roberts, C.J. Samuelz, Mike Samuelz, Tony Krous, (in window) Larry Mitchell and Anthony Caravalho.

DIXON, CA (MPG) - If you ever would like to make yourself sleepy as a prelude to a nap, just haul out the 16-page City of Dixon Ordinance governing the possession, sale and use of fireworks. Originally signed in 2013 by then-Mayor Jack Batchelor, it has been amended a few times with the most recent section 12.18.12 of Article II in the City Code.

Or for a better use of time, just visit one of the six locations that opened this past week around town where your purchase of Safe and Sane Fireworks will support one of the nonprofit organizations that serve our community. They were drawn as lottery winners by the Dixon Fire Department and will all be operated by 20 to 40 volunteers.

Dixon Soccer Club, for example, will be set up in the CVS Pharmacy location at 1057 North First Street. Dixon Moose Lodge will be in the Walmart parking lot at 235 East Dorset Drive. Dixon Montessori Charter School will be at Michael’s Market, 1100 Pitt School Road across from Dutch Brothers Coffee. Living Hope Church of Dixon will be at Wienerschnitzel located at 2500 West A Street.

The Dixon football supporters known as the Dixon Quarterback Club, will be at the Dixon Fruit Market just off the I-80 freeway /West A Street exit. And as tradition, the Veterans will host at the Safeway Supermarket parking lot by the Napa Solano Veteran Riders. The address is 1235 Stratford Avenue.

The stands will be open for sales from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. through the 4th of July.

At the end of the sales period and no later than November 1 of any year during which a nonprofit organization received a Fireworks Sales Permit, the nonprofit organization shall submit to the City Clerk a copy of the most recent report filed by the nonprofit organization with the State Board of Equalization. The filing of this statement shall be a condition precedent to the granting of any subsequent Fireworks Sales Permits.

The Fire Department gave a strong reminder that it would not send out reminders of any kind of this requirement if the documentation has not been received and emphasized it is the responsibility of the non-profit organization. To keep your organization in good standing for the future, nonprofits need to follow the requirements of the ordinance, according to the Dixon Fire Department website.

There are three important things the Dixon Fire Department and the Office of the State Fire Marshall want you to know:

1. Look for the seal of the California State Fire Marshal and the words, "Safe. . . Sane," on each piece of fireworks, as well as on the packaging. This means that they have been listed as safe for use (in accordance with all manufacturer’s instructions) in the State of California where local laws permit their sale and use.

2. Fireworks that explode, shoot through the air, move along the ground, including skyrockets, bottle rockets, firecrackers of all types, Roman candles, etc., have always been illegal in California. Penalties for those caught storing, selling, or using these types of fireworks can include a fine of $1,000 and/or one year in jail.

3. Many illegal fireworks have words such as "D.O.T. approved," etc. Don’t be misled by these phrases; they do NOT make such fireworks legal in California. If the seal of the State Fire Marshal and the words, "Safe. . .Sane," do not appear on fireworks, they should not be used.