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Are Your Assets Secure?

Jul 03, 2024 09:35AM ● By Scott Mullins, photo by Scott Mullins

Experts in their fields, Crystal Rico of Farmers Insurance, Liz Guzman of Rowher Insurance and Lisa Castillo of Castillo’s Legal Life Support provide useful secure your assets information at the Farmstead at Dixon Senior Living on June 27.

DIXON, CA (MPG) - Everyone knows securing your assets is crucial nowadays. Luckily, there are experts like Crystal Rico, Lisa Castillo, and Liz Guzman who provide education and advice to those that are in need. On June 27, these financial planning and insurance experts provided a no cost Secure your Assets Seminar at The Farmstead at Dixon. Chrissy Soucie, Resident Development Director at Farmstead in Dixon provided some information about the very well-appointed Farmstead senior living community, including that they are already 31% occupied and welcoming new residents frequently. She then welcomed the seminar attendees and introduced Lisa Castillo, the first speaker.

Lisa Castillo of Castillo’s Legal Life Support is a local, a Dixonite.  She is a bonded, licensed legal document assistant and worked for local government for over 25 years. She is not an attorney. Her business objective is simple: to provide her clients with education so they can protect their legacy at a much more affordable price than they would receive from a typical attorney.

Her main topics were estate planning and living trusts. She explained how crucial an estate plan and living trust are. For those who pass without an estate plan and living trust, their estate will be settled by the Probate Court. This means that the court will decide who receives what. Lisa emphasized how these two documents will protect everyone involved with peace of mind. All of the complex decisions have been made already and this will be one less worry during a challenging time. For any of your estate planning or living trust needs, please contact Lisa Castillo at [email protected] or call (707)-564-3977.

Next to provide useful insurance information was Crystal Rico of Farmers Insurance. Crystal is also a long time Dixon resident of 23 years. Life insurance and mortgage protection are two of her passions. She is committed to being a trusted advisor for her clients. She provided the example of someone without life insurance and emphasized how much added stress and burden this causes families at a ridiculously challenging time. Her most important piece of advice was to buy life insurance early – it is never too early to start. Crystal is a top producing Farmers Agent who not only provides life insurance, but she also offers home, business, auto, commercial, specialty, and pet insurance. She can be reached at [email protected] or (707)-828-6709.

And last but not least, Liz Guzman of Rowher Insurance spoke.  Another longtime Dixon resident, Liz has over 24 years of experience in the insurance industry. Homeowner’s insurance was her topic of main concern. And not surprisingly, she highlighted how this industry has been negatively impacted by COVID, devastating wildfires and other tragedies. She stressed how important is to keep your current policies current and up to date. For those that have difficulty attaining homeowner’s insurance, Liz has options – not many – but she will do her best to find coverage. “That’s all the bad news I have today,” Liz exclaimed to the laughter of the many of the attendees. Please contact Liz at [email protected] or (707)-678-9216.

If you are in need of estate planning or insurance, Dixon is lucky to have these three local experts who provide advice, educate, and assist our local community. Thank you for your advice!